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carb time
I have a 1998 1500 Valk with a fuel leak, just got it out of storage. Stored full of fuel treated with Stabil. Started on the button (primed the carbs by using a syringe (vacuum) on the fuel tap vac line). Started to leak after a few minutes warming up. Have not taken them off but it seems to be the "O" rings on fuel balance tubes between the individual carbs. Same thing happened about 8 years ago after waking the bike up from its winter sleep (on the way to an MOT).
I have a wide selection of rings (from my job) and found suitably sized parts possibly BS 010, all were Buna NBR, sadly I cannot remember the numbers. It crossed my mind to order Viton or similar, but could not be bothered to wait. There are no other problems with the carbs, I balance them every couple of years, and have adjusted the idle mixture to achieve a good stable tick over (slightly richer than the book). I start the season with new fuel and a dose of Profi Fuel Max to remove any varnish etc., works perfectly as it says on the tin, and has cleared blocked idle circuits within a tank full !!! I also need the inlet manifold rubbers. The old ones were so hard it was very difficult to refit the carbs.
I can measure the "O" rings and parts they seal but would prefer to have the parts ready to fit.

I have 4 questions :

1. Does anyone have a list of the "O" ring sizes ? or BS/metric numbers.
2. What is the best material ? Viton (FKM), Kalrez (FFKM) ?
3. Can I buy a kit with the tubes and (O) rings.
4. What kits are available ?

Any advice about what else to "service/replace" during the rebuild and where to get the parts would be much appreciated.

Ironically I was planning to take the bike from storage to my workshop to fit a new clutch slave cylinder, rebuild master cylinder and fit new hose. Had been on Optimate since last November showing green, but the battery was dead, straight off charger it dropped to 2 ish volts !!! It was 6 years old !!!

Regards Neil (Essex)

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