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Thick as S£!7
Guys, firstly hi to all, now,
sometimes i don't understand how to do things, so i might from time to time ask for you to help me out with some "ODD SHIT" please bear with me, i have a form of Dyslexia, where i "Just don't Get it" no matter how many times i read something, "I Just Don't Get It".

But what i do know is, am loving this exciting venture, and looking forward to meeting up again with established friends and more importantly
with you new ones.

Here is to the future of the Valkyrie Owners Club.  All the best, see ya real soon......

ZORBA VC & East Coast Rep.
We're all here because of the best power cruiser around and we all have our
own qualities to bring to help each other when needed, this club is going to keep
getting better and better due to the qualities we pool together in our common goal
HI Zorba,

Good to see someone willing to admit to having shortcomings. I HASTEN TO ADD THAT'S NOT A PLAY ON WORDS REGARDING PREMATURE EJACULATION! Apart from me everyone has weaknesses. BUT AS SAM WAS QUICK TO POINT OUT 'one for all and all for one' fraternal mentality within the Club will ensure our combined strengths are incorporated.
Alan B. VOC#97
Ha ha ha Big Grin
Well thanks to all for your concern.......I think !
It's all said with love Zorba lol

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