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Black is beautiful
Hi folks,
Just bought my first Valyrie, I've alway been a yamaha man with bikes such as Vmax's, Venture royal, FJ's, Xv's. Never even considered a Honda.
I was just looking around the local importers and he had a valk sitting in the corner. It drew me in and overpowered my with its presence, my wife said she knew I was gonna buy it (or another one as it happens) from the look on my face.....I knew it too.
So one week later I found a real beauty, 1998, black and spotless, full hard panniers, bat wing screen....I fel in love... and I've not even rode one yet.
So I bought it, took it home and it's sat in my garage for over a week now because I've had to go away for work. Tax and insurance has now been sorted so as soon as I can when home I'll be taking the beauty out for a bonding session.
I build custom bikes as a hobby so various plans are going through my head but what ever happens I will be keeping the basic look of the bike just how it is.
Can't wait.
Welcome to the club and congratulations on your purchase! This forum is fairly quiet these days. We have a Facebook page where all the action is. Sign up and post a pic of your bike!

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