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1999 Carb issues.... HELP
I just rebuilt all 6 carbs and added a stage 1 kit which turned out to be just a new main needle. followed all instructions and now it will only start and idle (slowly) while at full choke. I pulled the tank and made sure the vaccume petcock was working properly and now I'm stumped. Has anyone had this happen to them? Part of the stage 1 kits instructions had me set all the airflow screw out from 2 fulls turns from bottom to 2 1/2 turns out, could this be it?
I would think it could be, when I talked with my Mech about boosting, he said if that was done, (and I changed the exhaust if I can find a that the best thing would be to dyno and set, so I bet that's prob it, check ur plugs, see if they are burnt (running lean) then back 'em out a bit at a time.

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