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I have reacquired another Valk, Harley just didn't work for me any, anyway, I have a 1999 Interstate, and according to the fitment guide the cobra 6 into 6 exhaust will not mount on it, (they fit the other 2 models but not the interstate?) Also is this the best performance gain? or is there another set of pipes that will work, maybe better? and cheaper wouldn't hurt my feelings, also my last one we just took a 5.8th masonry bit and drilled about 1/2 way thru the muffler using the exit holes on the standard exhaust, that gave me a much better sound and didn't seem to hurt the bike? Are there any long term effects from doing this? Lastly do I need to rejet it if I do any of the above? like 38 slow and 100 mains? Thanks for the help.

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