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tumble weeds
Why do I get the feeling that there are tumble weeds blowing across
tthe club ...... Grow up peeps please for the clubs sake.
VOC 104
is that as in cowboy films?

whos wearing the poncho??

When is there a dry weekend Sammy? Ross bought the coffee last time so it must be my.... err your turn!! Heart
Don't worry Minty the coffees are on me next rideout but that might be next year now
VOC 104
DONT BE GAY!!! first snow out....YAAAAARRRRRGH!!!!!!    Cool
Last ride out some of us rode 100 miles to get to the starting point.
Don't hint at the lack of commitment to the club.
"He without sin cast the first stone"
Sort out a ride out and see who makes the effort.

I think hes calling you out Sammy  Smile 
Dont be sayin yer workin
Hi dodgy, Evertomint and I are just having a bit of northern banter,
there's no offense meant to anyone, it was only about who's buying the brews
nothing to do with commitment, hope this helps.
Cheers Sam
VOC 104
Hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows for me please
Rolleyes LOL Im sayin nowt
You'd better not. In any case, once I've drunk it I get on a Valkyrie, so I get to keep my man card!

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