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New Member from Cambridge
Hi All,

I am pleased to be a new member of the VOC , met with some of the group at Dragons in the park on Sunday, all very friendly and helpful, Also picked up my Valkyrie today which I have just purchased, had so much fun riding it home from Hull to Cambridge, I am so impressed with the bike, awesome machine.

Cheers all

Jonathan Buchanan.
Welcome "jonboy", enjoyed meeting you Sunday, knew you'd be happy with the bike, dream come true hey? look forward to meeting again and riding together soon.
Don't be shy, any issues shout out, if we can help we will.
Welcome mate! Nice to meet you the other day. Glad you are having fun on your valk. Let's see a pic! 

As Mick says, any questions just ask. Plenty on here that know a thing or two.
Here is a photo of my new pride and joy.

Looks pretty clean that. Nice one!
(09-08-2016, 04:21 PM)jonboy912 Wrote: Here is a photo of my new pride and joy.


Nice, and welcome Brother
Jimi (Mercia Rep) VOC#101
 God created the Valkyrie so Harley owners can have Hero's too.

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