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Hi Chaps

I've just discovered both the exhaust are blowing pretty badly on my 97 beast!
also found out the replacement stock exhausts are as rare as rocking horse sh*t!
So started looking for aftermarket!
My question to you! The people in the know!
where or who, is the best place to get myself a set of Aftermarket exhaust? Huh
Possibly Cobra, could be any other!
I would be interested in anything you lot might have to say on this!


Arnie Cool
(learning all the time)
Mickmanchester has a mint set of oem pipes for sale. Bare in mind if you go after market you will need to rejet the bike
Really! I thought with the Cobra 6 into 6, there was no modification needed at all!!
That's interesting!
I've already contacted Mick about his pipes!

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