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European trip
Hi all,
 MickManchester and I are doing a 12 day tour of Holland, Germany, Czech Republic, the Stelvio pass, then back via Gap & France. If anyone is available for a meeting up on the way round it would be great to meet. Holland Saturday 2nd 3rd, Dortmund area on 4th, Berlin 5th & 6th, Prague on 7th, Stelvio on 8th, Gap 9th, France 10the 11th & 12th. 
Thanks to those already accomodating us, Beer, Ralph & Andrea, Michi, Andreas, and hopefully Fifi, & Ulli for the ride out.
Hope to see some of you. Zorba.
  Zorba (Vice Chairman) VOC#113  Cool
Finally home after our Euro tour, 13 days and 3300 miles on mainly back roads around Europe with David Martin.

I'd like to thank Beer and his lovely wife Cynthia for the very kind hospitality, 2 nights in Holland and guided tour, thanks Beer.

Also the time spent with Ralf Cbo-mc and Andrea and their fellow Cbo-MC members, great night guys and great club, thanks for the hospitality, hope to see more of you all soon.

Also DeMi, Michi for finding time in his busy day to have a chat and to hear another side to a story, always good to have two.

Then it was across to Berlin and Andreas, Andy, again big thanks for the hospitality, the guided tour and chance to chat, we should have got together sooner, lovely to meet your wonderful mum, shame we couldn't all go out on the bikes together.

Peter.... what can I say, captains table, thank you, we'll see you gain soon.

And that then set us up for our ride south to Prague, from there we again popped into Germany to visit Dachau concentration camp, very moving and we agreed it should be a compulsory visit for everyone "lest we forget".

Then down to Stelvio where we stayed the night before travelling the Stelvio pass into Italy, where we dropped down to Milan, across to Turin before turning again toward France via Gap.

From Gap we headed North West to Belonga Mick, again all back roads in temps in the 110 plus range, Heaven.

spent a day at Belonga Mick cutting grass and chillin', visited with Malcolm and Carol, we'll see you again soon.

Next day it was back to England and the decision was made to one hope it 650 miles door to door, set off at 07.00 hrs, arrived home at 22.00 hrs, as usual soaked to the skin and cold, someone remind me why we ride, lol.

Fantastic holiday, can we do it again?

Thanks to everyone that made it possible.

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