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Hows People
Cool Cool 
hows people doing? hope everyones well?
hows the club doing size members?
hoping to get bike out in a fortnight..get the bars off...fix exhaust
We're doing OK Ian, it's great to hear from you and even better to hear you are planning on getting your ride back on the road, but please, let me know when and if I am around I'll get over and give you a hand.
I am in and out of the country over the next couple of months, personal and club business but if you shout up I'll hear you and you have my email so don't be shy, I'd be more than happy to assist, but you know that I'm sure.
Lights are still on at the clubhouse, numbers are slowly growing and we are picking up one or two members that are new to the Honda Valkyrie, sure they are enjoying reading the posts, although they seem a little shy in actually posting, they are there and we are pleased about that.
Looking forward to riding with you again, guess it's going to be this season, that's great.
Keep us posted on progress,
Oh and how's the headstone coming along? we have a stonemason in the club if it's not too late, maybe get a discount.
Hiya Minty, Glad to hear of your planned comeback. Give me and Mick a. Shout when you've got a firm timeline for assessing revamping your Valk and we'll come over to assist.

Plus I've got a surprise gift for you!

Kind Regards, love and kisses etc
Alan B. VOC#97
Glad everyone is ok

Thanls Mick

Alan you are the only gift i need mate [Image: wink.png]
Nice one mate. Just in time for the week and a half of summer we will have this year!
Ian any help can give just shout up let's hope you're up and running soon

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