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Hid lights
Hi all thinking of fitting a hid kit on my standard Valkyrie. Just a few questions for anyone who fitted a kit before
1 will it fit into my headlight bowl
2 is the lighting good out of them

Cheers Tommy

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Hiya Tommy,

I think Jimi has fitted an HID BULB?
Alan B. VOC#97
Hi Tom I'm not sure but you can only fit HID bulbs to an proper HID
headlight as it's an MOT failure, I stand to be corrected tho
Cheers Sam
Thanks for you reply Sam. I'm based in Ireland so no mot to worry about[emoji106]

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Are you wanting the brighter light for daytime or night time riding?

If it is just for daytime then consider just getting one of the LED bulbs that are now available. I haven't ridden my Valk at night since I fitted my LED bulb so cannot comment about how well they work in the dark but in daylight they are much brighter than the normal halogen bulbs. The guys I ride with all say mine is the most visible of all the bikes with the H4 LED and it was a lot cheaper than the HID bulb.

Worth considering imho.
Just for extra light by night. I tried a led bulb. Not great tbh. But in saying that it's a cheap eBay job. Any links for the one you got?

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The one I got was an eBay jobbie but not a cheap one. It comes apart which made the fitting in the Valk headlight easier (fan removable). A friend bought a cheapie of eBay and it was useless, very dim and very blue, I will see about taking a run out in the evening and let you know.
That be great cheers Colin

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(08-04-2016, 07:14 AM)Tomthebiker Wrote: That be great cheers Colin

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Hi Tom i have fitted this Hawk unit to my Standard last year & it is pretty good,its a bit of a squeeze in the headlight but it does fit.
Xenon HID Motorcycle Headlight Conversation Full HI/LO H4 Bulb Kit - 6000k

100% Plug in Play No Need to Run Wire to Battery .
I have good results just using a standard h4 extra bright (marked not for road use). It's not HID but it's pretty bright and should go through an mot

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