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Copdock Show 2016
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Just a date for our diary's for next years Copdock 25th Anniversary show.

As it is their 25th anniversary, this maybe going to a 2 day show, I am meeting with Vice Pres tomorrow and hopefully get some inside info out of him as it is their AGM meeting in the evening. Therefore keep the 1st & 2nd of October in mind, and if coming up to stay the Friday then you need to consider the 30th Sept as well.

Those of you who attended know what to expect from this years great success, and if going to the 2 day format, even for just 2016, I think this will be even more of of a "Stonker". Any idea's or requirements please let me know, sooner the better too, coz i expect we are going to be going "All Out" for this one.

As for size of VOC club stand, this will be determined on those registered, as we had 18 bikes this year it was just ok size wise, but to be fair we had more than expected, and if more do decide to attend then I will need to leave in my application preference of a "Double Double" size in same location, and those of you who were here know it was a fairly prime position, but am open to change if someone thinks otherwise.

I will open registration for this about end March/April, once the dust has settled of our arrival, this will give 4 month's to decide and pay, and to give all a chance to get straight after Christmas.

Think that's all for now, but if I do get any intel I will update you all accordingly.
Zorba (Dave)
  Zorba (Vice Chairman) VOC#113  Cool

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