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Happy returns - VALKen - 10-05-2019

No, not my birthday, but although having had 2 Valk's in the past, I've not had one for a while. However, have now returned as a Valk owner again, in Surrey, UK.

Much as I love the original Valkyrie, I've long hankered after making a project of one, but could never bring myself to carving up a perfectly good Valk. However I just got hold of a burnt wreck and am starting the process of converting it into something a bit different. Obviously very different from its current sad state, but also to become something a little different from a regular Valk. Don't hold your breath though as this is a long term project - I have several others I'm also working on and I was knocked off another bike 2 months ago and still recovering from that which severely limits what I can do.

Plenty of time to plan though.  Smile