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Dragons in the Park VIII - jimi valk - 24-08-2016

Probably a bit early with Copdock looming, But next years show will be 21st Birthday of the show also the 21st Birthday of the Valk, so WE as a club are going to make some money, we will be opening it up to a few more clubs i.e. Nabd , VRCC, a Wing chapter and maybe one of the local Harley chapters, this will mean we will be their hosts so all will need to muck in. We will also be venturing in to the catering business selling Jimi's famous inferno ribs and Mick's equally famous refried beans, proceeds will go in to club funds with a percentage going to a local charity. Just food for thought.

RE: Dragons in the Park VIII - Mick Manchester - 24-08-2016

It is a bit early Jimi lol, couple of events to sort before then, including the BIG one, but nice to see you are making plans.