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NEW Full Face Helmet - alanb - 24-06-2016

HI All, In an effort to reduce wear and tear to my irresistible good looks. I've take the plunge and purchased a Full Face Helmet. After reading all the relevant surveys and reviews for a lid within my apportioned budget of £150 the clear winner was the Caberg Duke. I'm pleased to advise that all the hype is justified. Dble glazed visor doesn't mist up, very light at 1600gms, built in sun visor, cool air vent, flip up front and closed option both passed safety test, 5 Star rating on sharp impact test. Plus looks really good in Matt Black finish. If you are considering a new bone dome well worth a look.

RE: NEW Full Face Helmet - wingerpete - 26-06-2016

I always use Caberg Flip-Up helmets & they are great value for money imo.