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Full Version: Hello from The Netherlands
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Hello everybody,
My name is Beer van Huet and I am 64 years old, married with Cynthia, have 3 kids and am a retired airforce pilot.
During a military tour in California in 1994, there was an active motorcycle club on base and Cynthia and I started riding a motorcycle as well. Not knowing anything about motorcycles, I wanted to buy a Harley Davidson initially, but those were the days that HD's were in great demand. So the dealer, hearing that I wanted to export the motor abroad,  told me that it would take at least 6 months before he would have my model available. I got the impression that he was not eager at all to sell me a bike, he told me he had a waiting list of several bikes he could easily sell down the road instead. Needless to say, I did not get back to him and ended up with a Yamaha Virago 1100 from somewhere else. Later, I was still regularly flying to the US and when the Valkyrie came out in 1997,  I instantly fell in love with the bike.
It took me 3 years to decide if it was worth the money they asked for it in the Netherlands and in 2000 I got a good trade in for my Virago and bought a brand new F6C. I was really excited and wanted to know everything possible about this motorcycle and it's riders and soon joined the VRCC in the US. Back in those days, the only Valkyrie club in the Netherlands 'Dragonwing' just ceased to exist.  I joined a few other active riders and we started the VRCC Benelux. Had a great time while it lasted, but unfortunately, the club fell apart due to conflicts within the organisation.  Since I felt that the Valkyrie deserves a proper website and club, I moved on and started a club in 2008. Again, after a few years and lots of fun, we got a serious difference of opinion with the webmaster. This escalated and she finally pulled the plug all together and the website from the air. Having anticipated that, I notified all the members and came out with a new website a few days later, which is still very much alive and kicking. I met Dave (again) at Inzane X Houffalize.  Mick and he payed me a visit on their tour on the continent just now. We had a couple of nice days together, big fun, lots of rides and a few chats.  I hope to come over some day and join the fun and spirit when the VOC is organizing a meeting. 
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Hello Beer and welcome
Hi Beer, glad you've found your way onto the board, thanks for the company.
Thanks again for your hospitality when we visited, it was a great start to one heck of a holiday, I hope you can find the time to visit us and maybe attend one of our events, we aim to be one big happy family.
See you again soon my friend.
Yes, a huge welcome and thanks mate, you and your lovely Cynthia done us proud, as did all who helped us on our way.