Welcome to the Valkyrie Owners Club!






Mission Statement

“The formation of the Valkyrie Owners Club is centred around creating a platform that provides communication links, recreational riding activities and social events.

The club’s principle aim is to give all those with an interest in the F6C the opportunity to unite and connect with others who share that passion for ownership of the original power cruiser that is the Honda Valkyrie.

Membership of the club is free to both riders and co-pilots. The Valkyrie Owners Club will rely on sales of goods, fundraising (raffles etc.) and support from sponsors for managing operational costs.”


Thanks for stopping in!

Whether you are an owner or a rider of this legendary motorcycle, we hope you will enjoy your visit to our site. Our forum is now open. Although still fairly new, it already has the beginnings of a welcoming, knowledgeable and fun community. If you have a question about your F6C please ask us. Our members will be sure to help you out! Be sure to check back regularly for news and updates on club events.


Membership registration now open

This is separate to forum membership. To be truly a member of the Valkyrie Owners Club you will want to register as a club member.

What are the benefits of membership? For the individual, we aim to establish a member’s only page on the forum. This page will carry items for sale at reduced price and Exclusive Members only offers. It will be a place where members can post an item for sale or offer a service to other members and know that the only people seeing that would be fully registered members and not just casual visitors looking for a bargain. It will also help us identify the locations that possibly have a high concentration of members, so we can arrange meetings and get-togethers that are not miles away. This will help the Reps in their role.

Further, it will also help with our sponsors. It is important they know how many members we have and that their supporting us is not going to waste. Remember registering to post on the forum does not make you a member of the Valkyrie Owners Club. That will require separate registration.


Once registered, you will in the not too distant future, be able to enjoy full club benefits. So register here now and help us to help you.

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